The Shirts: Spanish Steps

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photo: JR Rost
image processing: Kathy McCloskey

when the sun   refuse to light up the sky
and the oceans   and the rivers run dry
  don’t have to run and hide  
when the juke box   plays the same old song
you don’t have to listen   you don’t have to sing along
  don’t have to play along  

and I’m sittin’ here on the Spanish Steps
lookin’ out to where the poets slept
tryin’ to protect the innocents
there they go
let the truth be told

I stand alone   here on the side of the road
I have no where to go   he’s just another lost soul
  out in this dust bowl  
solitary   melancholy man
speaks a language   we don’t understand
  try to comprehend  

o no o no

by Art Lamonica

The Shirts, Only The Dead Know Brooklyn

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