The Shirts: Bourbon Street

photo: JR Rost
image processing: Kathy McCloskey

all excerpts are around two minutes long
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Mary hit me like a lightning bolt, she was in my heart and in my eye.
She rode me like a wet and wild colt, she was a diva and I was god, oh my!

Harry hit me like a cosmic storm, shook my libido and wrenched my throat.
My fragile world, such delirious forms, as he drained me and left me to float.

She left me ‘cause she thought I was a stranger
No, I left you ‘cause I thought you had a knife

She left me ‘cause she thought I was a danger
No, I left you ‘cause I knew it was too right

Harry used me like his guitar, loved me long and played me hard
The poet's eye, the perfect chord, so right, but it went so wrong

Mary’s mind was like a rifle shot of reason mixed with rain
She was my light

No wait!
She’s right, she was my darkest night

A tempest of love and pain

by Marsha Hodgson and Ron Ardito

The Shirts, Only The Dead Know Brooklyn

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