Only The Dead Know Brooklyn

The video of the title track is available for free download. A big effort.
Go check it out.

After a lull of 25 years, the Shirts (from Brooklyn) are back. Their CD (this one) has received all sorts of nice comments. The family plays together again.

They performed all the new songs to an enthusiastic CBGB full house on
June 28 2006. As well as a few classics.

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Ron Ardito: vocals, guitar

Johnny (Zeeek) Criscione: drums, percussion, vocals
Art Lamonica: vocals, guitar
Kathy McCloskey: vocals, keyboards, accordion
Caren Messing: vocals
John Piccolo: keyboards, vocals
Bob Racioppo: vocals, bass, keyboards

Arno Hecht: saxophone
Larry Etkin: trumpet
Allison Miller: percussion

1   Spanish Steps 3'45"
2   Love In Chains 3'27"
3   Emptier 4'10"
4   Take Hold Of My Heart 3'42"
5   Hell Or High Water 3'53"
6   Chimes Of Love 3'59"
7   Walk On The Wire 3'31"
8   I Declare War 2'59"
9   Tears Dancing Rings 3'54"
10   Bourbon Street 5'55"
11   Goin' To The Boat 3'40"
12   Only The Dead Know Brooklyn 4'00"
13   Everything Is Everything 4'04"

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Basic tracks recorded at CBGB, New York
Overdubs and mixing at
the Stereo Society, New York
Recorded and mixed by James Rosenthal
CBGB engineering by Jamie Gorman
Mastered by Joe Lambert at
Trutone Mastering Labs, New York

Produced by Mike Thorne

Brooklyn photos by JR Rost
Artwork by Kathy McCloskey
and Bob Racioppo
Layout by James Mokarry

Thanks to Hilly Kristal

for Norman Dunn

>> The actual CD, which you can use as a cover for a very small manhole. Click for enlargement. >>

The Shirts, Only The Dead Know Brooklyn

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