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"Of all the many ongoing weekly gigs in this city, it’s impossible to think of a more happening one right now than this show...If state-of-the-art songcraft and magical voices are your thing, miss this at your peril. Years from now, people will be saying they were here even if they weren’t." - New York Music Daily

Read the November 16th Review by the New York Times

Carol LipnikThis Sunday, and every Sunday through to Jan 31 2016
7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)
in the wonderful cabaret room of Pangea

Don't miss the chance to see Carol perform songs from her haunting new album Almost Back to Normal, with Matt Kanelos on piano.

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Carol Lipnik is a songwriter and vocal stylist who, with her band Spookarama, has enjoyed a steadily growing following on the New York club scene. Her unique voice (with a five octave range) and exotic compositions have blended together to create a mysterious and unforgetable sound that is reminiscent of her Coney Island roots. She may be the only mermaid represented at the Stereo Society.

In interview, she talks with Mike Thorne about the Coney Island carnival world in which she grew up and how it informed her different view of the world. Her song Ships That Pass in the Night, is a popular cut on the Stereo Society's Sprawl CD.

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