Thorne presents the Contessa's Party

You can tell that from her classy outfit and effortless, timeless social grace. Naturally, there are many elegant ladies to be seen enjoying themselves at the Contessa's Party.

To the first Contessa's Party Ladies' page
(the paparazzi are out in force)

To be certain that you behave appropriately, after you pass through the VIP invitation link line, please read the
Rules of Behavior
at the Contessa's Party.
Don't go shooting off blow guns, don't use the Captain's coat hook or even dream of climbing pyramids. Tripping over icebergs seems unlikely, but you will obey the notice that helps you not to.


It was the year 2006.
And the Contessa throws a stylish party.

All 74 minutes of it.
For just eight intense,
extended tracks.

Grandma's Goodbye, mixes from the track on The Contessa's Party The new club CD includes Thorne's 16'28" megamix of Grandma's Goodbye.

This is a new attempt to reinvent the extended dance mix with major music and a big sound.

So you can sit and listen to the music and/or tap your foot/wave your butt on the dance floor.

All at the same time. Careful, now.

Click on any song title below to go to its special page. Or to the page of the main singer, to the art page, or to the story of making it. Each song page features complete lyrics and three minute extracts in RealAudio (streaming), mp3 (stream or download) and m4a (download).

download bundle of eight three-minute CD song excerpts (22Mb): mp3 m4a

  Title   Time Sung by Art Making it
1 Grandma's Goodbye   9'04" Sarah Jane Morris to art page to make page
2 Can Catch   10'36" BETTY to art page to make page
3 Dirty City   7'25" Kit Hain to art page to make page
4 Fire   12'08" BETTY to art page to make page
5 Bach   8'10" instrumental to art page to make page
6 Things I Didn't Say   8'09" Sarah Jane Morris   to make page
7 Tuesday Morning   10'10" Kit Hain to art page to make page
8 Dancing With B   8'55" Sarah Jane Morris to art page to make page
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Thorne: Dancing With B

Grandma's Goodbye, mixes from the track on The Contessa's Party

After a wonderfully positive response to the Contessa by the New York dance community, we decided to make a collection of club mixes. The first issue was of Dancing With B. Noted New York remixer Norty Cotto contributes three mixes, and Thorne adds another three, each in radically differing styles. The CD (right) runs for over 70 minutes for just $9 (the same price as all our CDs) from CDBaby. The 12" vinyl (left) had Norty's two long mixes, but is currently unavailable.

The second remix release extends Grandma's Goodbye, and features further mixes from Thorne and Norty Cotto as well as Thorne's megamix of over 16 continous minutes.

Thorne: Dancing With B

Grandma's Goodbye, mixes from the track on The Contessa's Party

Primary vocals: BETTY (2/4), Kit Hain (3/7), Sarah Jane Morris (1/6/8)
Vocalise: Lene Lovich (2/4/5/6/8)
Rap: Arthur Brown (4)
Secondary vocals: Elizabeth Ziff (4)

Acoustic drums/percussion: Allan Schwartzberg (5/6/7/8)
Congas, bongos: Johnny Folarin (all)

Horn section: The Uptown Horns (all)
Baritone saxophone/trombone section: Crispin Cioe/Bob Funk (3/7/8)
Alto saxophone solo: Crispin Cioe (2)
Baritone saxophone solo: Crispin Cioe (8)
Tenor saxophone solo: Arno Hecht (3/7)
Trombone solo: Bob Funk (2/4)
Trumpet solo: Larry Etkin (1/4)

Synthesizers, keyboards, rhythm: Mike Thorne (all)

Record made by Mike Thorne
Assistant engineer: James Rosenthal
Recorded at the Stereo Society, New York
Mastering: Joe Lambert at Classic Sound, New York

Cover design: JR Rost
Layout, graphics and design: James Mokarry
Production coordinator: Amy Caramante

Booklet illustration:
Marquetry p2 (c1950): Bertram Thorne
Collage p14: Unknown artist, thrift store purchase (2002)
Illustration p10: George McPherson (1998)
Paintings by Felix Berroa: p5 Flautista: High Notes for High Dreamers, p12 Perico Ripiao
Photos: p3 Bill Chapman (c1965); p4 Molesworth, p6 Heinz Zinram (6/22/1954), courtesy London's Transport Museum © Transport For London; pp8/9 Jon Grindstaff/Molesworth/Ami Russell/Rod Morris; p13 JR Rost

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