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Sprawl Lene Lovich: Shadows and Dust The Contessa's Party Mad
Sprawl Raven Cry Carnival to the

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From each CD page, you can also download a bundle of long excerpts from all of its tracks.

The Shirts
Only The Dead Know Brooklyn Spanish Steps stream/download mp3 extract

Thorne The Contessa's Party Grandma's Goodbye stream/download mp3 extract

Lene Lovich Shadows And Dust Little Rivers stream/download mp3 extract

Ives Universe Symphony Prelude #1, Pulse of the Cosmos stream/download mp3 extract

We keep living in that era when you listened to music with open ears.  When you looked for something different and stimulating.  When labels and categories and fashion marketing didn’t matter so much as if something unusual grabbed at your ears. The world changes. 

Used to be, you could make new and different music and if it worked and did it for the big wide people you’d have a hit.  That worked pretty well in the old big music business structure.  No longer. Let’s see if we can get something going again. From Ives to rock+roll to techno to dance to..... We think that music shouldn’t have restricting categories and definitions.  To get filed and neutralized in some harmless corner - no thanks. 

Fresh, honest music should move and rattle you a bit.  That’s why what we make and sell is all over the place, stylistically.  We just believe that what we offer works, and that’s that.

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As part of a total site revamp, we are now working on comprehensive information banks featuring our most iconic artists: archive material, interviews and reviews, image galleries. recent activity and, most importantly, where to see them perform.

We've started with
Lene Lovich...

Sarah Jane Morris

And coming soon... BETTY

(Fairly) new CDs:

Grandma's Goodbye, mixes from the track on The Contessa's PartyThe Contessa's Party and its dense dancing arrangements continues to attract new guests. Grandma's Goodbye is the latest track to receive the Thorne/Norty Cotto extended remix treatment. Here, they go further: Thorne contributes a huge megamix of 16'28" with new material and fresh grooves. It's been a while since we heard one of these, and there's a reason: they take days and days to build and get right.
Download eight free excerpts from the Grandma's Goodbye club CD collection, including three complete singles-length versions. (25Mb): mp3 | m4a

The Shirts: ONly The Dead Know BrooklynThe Shirts were one of the original CBGB bands around the mid-seventies, and achieved success with their first two albums in 1978 and 1979. They drifted apart after their third, only to reform and regroup in 2003 purely for the musical fun of it. With two new, strong female singers added, they're back with Only The Dead Know Brooklyn, their fourth album with which they reunite with original producer Mike Thorne. 13 new songs resurrect their immediately recognizable sound, with a new century sensibility.
Download bundle of 13 CD song excerpts (23Mb): mp3 m4a

And other notable releases:

The Contessa's Party, the second full-length CD from Thorne, marks the fullest fruition yet of a distinctive approach to making music - and records - nurtured by artist-producer Mike Thorne over the course of over 25 years. It is also, as the title implies, the soundtrack for a serious dance soirée, complete with a colorful cast of guests: Sarah Jane Morris, BETTY, Lene Lovich, Kit Hain, and the Uptown Horns.It was time to reinvent the extended club mix, to make music which moved you physically yet was substantial enough to listen to closely.
Download bundle of eight three-minute CD song excerpts (22Mb): mp3 m4a

Also, check out our June 2006 CD release of remixes of Dancing With B, from The Contessa's Party, all 71 minutes. Norty Cotto, noted New York remixer, contributes three fresh new grooves, and Thorne has remixed a further three versions in very different styles. You can also get two of Norty's mixes on a limited edition vinyl release.
Download bundle of seven three-minute excerpts (18Mb): mp3 | m4a

Lene Lovich: Shadows and DustLene Lovich's first album in many years, Shadows And Dust, was released September 13 2005. This outstanding and typically distinctive CD consolidates her position as one of the most notable vocal and songwriting innovators ever. We're thrilled to welcome her to the Stereo Society. Please check it out and listen.
Download bundle of ten two-minute excerpts, one from each track (19Mb): mp3 m4a

Universe Symphony, by the radical father of all-American music Charles Ives, has been given a new, definitive realization by Johnny Reinhard. Our new CD was released July 4th 2005. We're delighted and honored to have produced and delivered this major American music landmark. This recording is the big expression of Ives' greatest work, serving the vision of a pioneer who changed the way we listen in many ways.
Download a bundle of four five-minute excerpts (18Mb): mp3 | m4a

The Stereo Society releases self-produced music on CD (internationally, via our secure distributor's site) and through direct paid download. Our CDs are produced and manufactured with no compromise.  Most CDs have a 16-page full-color booklet. Some have even more pages, and more recent releases have a slick jewel case sleeve. Check out our albums page for full details.

Our CDs cost a flat $9, shipped within 24 hours by respected distributor CD Baby, mail charge extra but not exorbitant like some we could mention. We offer download sales through major local sites in many countries worldwide, including iTunes.

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