Ives: Universe Symphony CD

Charles Ives' Universe Symphony, realized by Johnny Reinhard
1 Fragment: Earth Alone 1’18”
2 Prelude #1: Pulse Of The Cosmos 29’37”
3 Section A: Wide Valleys And Clouds 12’03”
4 Prelude #2: Birth Of The Oceans  3’32”
5 Section B: Earth And The Firmament 4’34”
6 Prelude #3: And Lo, Now It Is Night  2’33”
7 Section C: Earth Is Of The Heavens   10’49”

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Of course, you can also buy the CD for a bargain price which includes free shipping in the US and Canada (+$4 for any number of order CDs elsewhere). You get a 32 page full-color booklet with two long articles by Johnny Reinhard. Translations into German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Italian are available on this site.
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Total CD running time: 64'47"

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download a bundle of four five-minute excerpts
from the Universe Symphony (18Mb): mp3 | m4a

This is the most important recording of any of Charles Ives' music for a long time. This is the first full realization of his last and greatest work: the most ambitious effort from a great composer who over-extended himself and ruined his health so badly he couldn't finish it himself. He begged others to help him finish it. None did.

Over ten years before we released this CD, having been fascinated for years by stories of this mythical music, Johnny Reinhard decided to dig. He found surprisingly clear clues and directions from the great man which convinced him that the symphony's final form could be defined. He even received the approval of the Ives Society, who are dedicated to making sure that his legacy is not compromised, for his first performance of his realization of this huge work. The first (and so far only) live performance was at Lincoln Center June 6 1996.

Ives was an innovator. He doesn't belong in the 'classical music' rack. He belongs in the 'new music' place. Even half a century after he died. This is extraordinary sound that transcends labels and relates to where we are now. You can hear excerpts from his ultimate masterpiece in streaming and download forms here.

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hear or download some extracts
each is about five minutes, 4.5Mb

1: excerpt from Prelude #1, Pulse of the Cosmos,
Cycle 2, including Heavens Fragment
and beginning of Cycle 3

2: excerpt from Section A: Wide Valleys and Clouds

3: excerpt from Section B: Earth and the Firmament, including beginning of Prelude #3: And Lo,
Now It is night


4: excerpt fromSection C: Earth is of the Heavens
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