Johnny Reinhard's home at the Stereo Society


MicroFEST NYC 2015 • March 27-29

AFMM iconAMERICAN FESTIVAL OF MICROTONAL MUSIC (AFMM), under the direction of Johnny Reinhard, presented three concerts at Spectrum, located at 121 Ludlow Street, second floor, in Lower Manhattan. 

One of many highlights was the world premiere of Georg Friedrich Haas’s solo for bassoon in 128 note tuning [formed by the eighth octave of the harmonic series] FOR JOHNNY REINHARD, performed by its dedicatee, on the Friday, March 27th 

Find more information, including the full programme of events here

Watch the video of Oak in 128 tuning, from last year's MicroFEST NYC:

Johnny Reinhard, bassoon, Michael Hafftka, fretless guitar,
Jeroen Thesseling, fretless bass

Johnny Reinhard's home at the Stereo Society
Johnny Reinhard's Raven CD details
On July 4th 2005 the Stereo Society released Johnny Reinhard's new realization of Charles Ives' Universe Symphony
  Johnny Reinhard's home at the Stereo Society
Johnny Reinhard's realization of Ives' Universe Symphony

Composing Polymicrotonally
The subject of this essay -- polymicrotonality -- never shows up in a dictionary, although it has real meaning for my music compositions.  When performing extemporaneously as a bassoonist, I couldn't imagine improvising sans microtones.  The complex world in which we live requires a new music that reflects what is special in this millennial era and, paradoxically, need not be overtly complex in its delivery.  The insistence of a single tuning simply does not attract my aesthetic compass.  Most significantly......

Electric bassoon at the Nice Discotheque



Johnny Reinhard: composer/performer
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American Festival Of
Microtonal Music

Under the direction of Johnny Reinhard
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Sketch for studio realization of Circle
(also in high-resolution)

Graphic score of Raven
(also in high-resolution)


Interview 1998 (Raven CD sleeve note)
I first focused on microtonality as a player.  I wanted to develop the bassoon compositionally by encouraging composers to write for me; I just wasn't satisfied with the available repertoire.  I didn't care much for the published works of the bassoon.  There's a certain standoffishness that institutions have towards the instrument compared with instruments like violin and piano, let alone flute.....

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