Lene Lovich

2014/2015 Tour
Now with US date added

What promises to be Lene's biggest tour of the 21st century starts in Italy in December 2014 and will include (thus far) the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Holland and Germany.
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Tour dates, so far...
4th December, Bologna, ITALY - Locomotiv
5th December, Turin, ITALY - Audiodrome
6th December, Savona, ITALY - Raindogs
8th December, Milan, ITALY - Legend
12th December, Rome, ITALY - Circulo Degli Artisti
4th Mar, Brighton, ENGLAND - Haunt
5th March, Bristol, ENGLAND - Thunderbolt
7th March, Liverpool, ENGLAND - Zanzibar Club
8th March, ENGLAND - TBC
10th March, Birmingham, ENGLAND - Roadhouse
9th April, Berlin, GERMANY - K17

10th April, Dortmund, GERMANY - FZW
12th April, Nuremberg, GERMANY - TBC
15th April, Frankfurt, GERMANY - Das Bett
16th April Koblenz, GERMANY - Circus Maximus
6th May, Manchester, ENGLAND - Night And Day
7th May, Leeds, ENGLAND - Brudenell Social Club
9th May, Newcastle, ENGLAND - Cluny
10th May, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND - Voodoo Rooms
12th May, Leicester, ENGLAND - Musician
6th June, London, ENGLAND - Islington Assembly Hall
3rd October, Detroit, USA - Paycheck's Lounge

'Somewhere there is a parallel universe where Lene Lovich is a mega-star. An Icon. A thrilling, trilling, theatrical chanteuse and critically acclaimed artiste' .Read the review of the March 2013 Winchester gig.

Lene's most recent CD Shadows And Dust is available and dancing.
Download ten two-minute music samples, one from each CD track (19Mb): mp3 m4a

To reviews of
Shadows And Dust

Lene Lovich's home at the Stereo Society

Biography, July 2005
If you think Lene is only about Lucky Number and the roaring eighties, read on...

Interview, August 2005
I think that my ideas are clearer and stronger now than they used to be. It used to be a big mess that we kind of had to peel away. Some of the extra bits were probably in the way. But now the ideas are much stronger and I think that comes through experience, through more focus....

Lene and her partner Les Chappell have just completed the music for: Mary Mutta And Her Alpha Girls Starring 'The Living Dolls Written and directed by Vicky Hawkins

Original Writing:
Joy Of Sound
I had a disturbed childhood, growing up in Detroit.  My imagination - the places I could go to, and the things I found there, was often my only sanctuary.  It wasn't long before I discovered that there was a great therapeutic value in making a noise.  Whether it was the relief of a good cry, the delightful effect of laughter, or the thrill of a scream - I always felt better afterwards.  It seemed a shame to have to wait for the next.......

Writing Notes
An Introduction
I couldn't possibly list my favorite novels or authors.  I certainly couldn't list them in any order of merit  Sometimes it's the story, and sometimes it's the way it's told, that makes the book special.  Novels can be brilliant in some parts and tedious in others.  What I do know is that I now have tremendous respect for anyone who writes a novel.  It's a big job.  One book that had considerable effect on me is, 'The Night Of The Hunter by......

Legacy: original fiction
Corrie came closer to the fire.  She stood there a while, then shivered.  Pa was watching.  Slowly, she stretched her thirteen-year-old fingers as far as she dared towards the warmth.
Pa stood up.  He lumbered towards her.  "The gal's learnin' good," he grunted.  Pa squeezed Corrie hard, then shot a glance to the gaunt figure in the corner.  "We ain't got much Ma," he said.  "Least we're alive."
       Corrie gasped.  Pa released her and went over to the table.  She rubbed her shoulder and stared into the flames.  Sure is an ice-cold world, she.....

Lene Lovich's home at the Stereo Society

Hot Press (1979)
A group sit quietly on-stage, more silhouetted than seen, instruments unamplified, fooling around with some cabaret chords and chintzy songs. Occasional laughter scatters through the darkness and the rising cigarette smoke. Men with English accents lean
on flight cases and comment......


And previously...

Just back from playing dates in Germany, France and Italy, the Lene Lovich Band played at the Hill Station Community Cafe in London

And at a string of venues in the UK and Germany during 2013, and at the Drop Dead Festival, Berlin, Germany, November 2012.

Previously, Lene played two memorable shows in September 2006 at New York's Knitting Factory.
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Lene Lovich photo gallery
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Lene was back making music in
New York at a sold-out Joe's Pub on
September 12 2005

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Returning after a long pause, Lene played one special, sold-out show on Halloween (October 31 2003) at Joe's Pub in New York City.
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Lene Lovich CD art: Shadows And Dust

Lene contributes vocal sounds to two Thorne CDs on the Stereo Society:
The Contessa's Party from 2006:
Can Catch**
Things I Didn't Say**Dancing With B

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session photos

Sprawl tracks from 1999:
Intro: Coming Quietly
Self Imposed Exile
First Love Song
A Flower Opens Gently By
Toys Take Over
From Me To You
Le Ballet
Sexual Terrorist
Outro: Going Gently

Lene Lovichand Les Chappell wrote the Sprawl album song Natural Beauty

Lene Lovich albums

In interview (February 1999)
Well, I think we're always making another record, perhaps not physically but certainly in our heads.  There are always just too many ideas. I have many of these cassettes just waiting to become further developed....

Profile by Ruth Polsky (1979)
Six months ago, Lene Lovich was the most enigmatic figure of that motley company known as the Be Stiff Tour. Dressed in thrift-shop gypsy lace, with her fiery red hair worn in two long plaits, Lovich sang in unearthly registers and interspersed her singing with frenetic bursts of saxophone. The critics, for once, were nonplussed, and could only manage an inept Patti Smith comparison that gave no.....

Sisters Under The Skin
Commentary by Simon Frith
There's an interesting column by Penny Valentine in the latest issue of Creem about the American press reaction to the Stiff package which visited New York just before Christmas. The New York writers heard Wreckless Eric as a profound cultural commentator, and couldn't make any
sense of Lene Lovich at all.....

Flex: album review
Lene Lovich in a wedding dress poses on the album cover for her Great Expectations role, and in this case the expectations are, generally speaking fulfilled. Flex,like Lene's increasingly elaborate wardrobe, is a work of many layers -- only rather less frivolous......