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Bloody Rain

On September 15th 2014, Sarah Jane released her new album, Bloody Rain. Dedicated to the people of Africa, and the music of that continent that has inspired so many artists for so long, Bloody Rain was launched at the Union Chapel in London on September 18th.

Sarah Jane Morris on stage at the Union Chapel, London

Sarah Jane interviewed for the Stereo Society, June 2000
with streaming audio of her answers to Mike Thorne's questions, and streaming audio and music to set the scene. Diversions include barbed wire scrapes and broken bones on a Greek island. And the loss of the San Remo trophy to Grace Jones.....

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Fallen Angel album review

A Chronology Part 1
In her own words
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In her own words

Billboard: March 11, 2000
By Raqiyah Mays
Sarah Jane Morris’ U.S. debut, "Fallen Angel," marks her return to the music world after a 10-year absence. "I feel like everything I've done to date has been a great journey to get to a start of my career. I think I'm just coming into my time," says
England-native Morris....

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Sarah Jane Morris’ larger-than-life voice helped front the enormous Communards hit Don’t Leave Me This Way which was four weeks at #1 in the UK in 1986. Before and since then she has pursued an idiosyncratic solo career ranging from Greek #1 disco hits to jazz, from singing Brecht/Weill with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to winning the San Remo Song Festival then having her trophy swiped by Grace Jones.

Sarah Jane Morris, Union Chapel, London

Reviewed by Peter Quinn, 19 September 2014, for

Singular vocalist launches her most complete, most memorable statement to date:
Recorded in the UK, Johannesburg, Paris and Tel Aviv, Sarah Jane Morris's latest album, Bloody Rain, is undoubtedly a labour of love. Hearing it performed live last night in the Union Chapel, in front of an adoring audience, confirmed that it is also her masterpiece.

Devoted to the people of Africa and the music of that continent – with melodic, rhythmic and lyrical influences permeating the music-making... read more

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Painting of Sarah Jane by Mike Reddish, 1984
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