Shopping Security At The Stereo Society

We apologise for announcing this change only in English.

We have closed our online shopping cart. Sales are now through the long-established and respected distributor CD Baby, who can inform you of their own security precautions. All 'Buy CD' buttons take you to the page on their site.

We have left our description of our old shopping cart precautions below, since we think that our new distributors have security as strong as we require.


When you use the Stereo Society shopping cart, communication is via a 128-bit encrypted connection. (This is a much stronger level of encryption than many other sites use, on the level of banks.) You can see when connections are secure: the first letters of the url in the browser will read 'https' instead of the usual non-encrypted 'http'.

We keep your contact details (apart from your credit card) on the site after you register, which makes it quicker for you to deal with us when you return. The contents of your shopping cart are also held while you are here, if you haven't cleared them by finalizing the order, again for your convenience. If you have registered, your shopping cart will be saved for your return another day.

Credit card details are held only for the duration of the order transaction, and are discarded unsaved once complete. When you return to complete a Shopping Cart order, you have to re-enter your credit card number. It's less convenient for you, sorry, but it absolutely keeps away the villains who might try to steal your numbers.

Under absolutely no circumstances will the Stereo Society pass on your contact details to any other party. Neither your registration nor your newsletter address.

If you have any questions or comments, please write to us via our Contact pages.

For languages other than English, please visit our additional pages through our translation gateways.

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