Miracles Can Happen on Snowbiz

BETTY's Miracles Can Happen on Snowbiz
BETTY's Snowbiz EP
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so many cars in the parking lot
holidays at the mall
i waited and waited
and this is what i saw

BETTY's Miracles Can Happen on Snowbiz

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i saw baby jesus in the parking lot
he saved a space just for me
he said it had to be a miracle
that only i could see

i saw the holy spirit at the atm
it cashed a check just for me
it started dancing on the head of a pin
that really made me want to believe

miracles can happen they do every day
to ordinary people in ordinary ways

i saw the virgin mary at jenny craig
she said i lost some weight
she gave me her own special recipe
for a fat-free fruit cake

believe! believe!
yes i
yes i do believe!

so if you're feeling blue for these holidays
please wait patiently
you might see your very own miracle
and end up just like me

miracles can happen

miracles can happen

BETTY's Miracles Can Happen on Snowbiz
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